Audio2000’S AWM6304U 100 Selectable Frequency UHF In-Ear Monitor System

Price: $164.77 - $159.00

The AWM6304U is a Professional UHF Agile Wireless In-Ear Monitoring System (with 100 Adjustable Frequencies). It includes a PVC Carrying Case.100 Adjustable Frequencies
Includes PVC Carrying Case

There are so many wireless in-ear Monitoring Systems available in the market but Audio2000’S AWM6304U is Perfect with amazing adjustable Frequencies and there is no replacement of this product in the market with this amazing price.

when it comes to playing with the frequency and managing it very serious information then i would say must to try Audio2000’S AWM6304U as it is very perfect in synching with your desired frequencies and its features are rally amazing.

If you need it for personal use then this product is really amazing and reliable so grab it and before getting it must check the reviews so you will get everything.

Stereo/Mono/Mix Audio Output Setting
Four Equalization Settings
Built-in Audio Limiter on the Receiver

Audio2000’S AWM6304U Reviews:

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