Vibrant Health Now! How to use essential oils, aromatherapy and natural health products to detox your body and reach optimal health


If you want vibrant health, it starts with a question: “What simple changes can I make to improve my health today?”

Vibrant Health Now! shows you how to optimize your health and the health of your family.

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Many people are concerned about the effects that so many chemicals, drugs, and environmental pollutants are having on our health and well-being. Let’s face it; the number of diseases and conditions that are being diagnosed has grown rapidly.

Vibrant Health Now! How to use essential oils, aromatherapy, and natural health products to detox your body and reach optimal health

Talk to anyone and they know someone personally who has or is currently battling cancer.

Some people deny that the products in our everyday life are a major contributor while others plainly see the link.

This book exposes some of the primary health culprits that we as consumers are buying and using every day without thinking twice.

Did you know that in the 1980’s the FDA changed the labeling laws for the personal care and household products? They removed the need for a skull and crossbones label on potentially dangerous products and moved to a “Caution, Warning, Danger” text-based label.

Go check your shelves and discover how many products in your home say “Caution, Warning or Danger”—products that you put on your body and use throughout your home daily.

Some of the information in this book is not for the light-hearted. It’s not taught in schools nor is it shared with you by many doctors. Some content may be eye-opening. This book will show you:

• How to identify the potentially dangerous products lurking in your home and their effects on your family and pets. Removing these products is the first step to better health.

• How your daily choices could be causing major disturbances to your bodies frequency and health. This is critically important because your body can only fight off disease and maintain health when it has a high frequency.

• Discover the power of essential oils and how they can boost your body’s frequency and help you detoxify. An entire chapter is dedicated specifically to the international research on essential oils.

Another chapter explains exactly how essential oils work and another chapter on how to use and apply essential oils for maximum effectiveness. One chapter covers safety precautions so the reader can confidently begin using essential oils.

• Learn which 9 essential oils are considered “must-have’s” for every family home first-aid kit. In addition, the book outlines which oils have best been used in certain situations, making it easier for anyone to make the best selection.

On pages, 119-123 e do recommend one particular brand of essential oils and state a case for why the endorsement. Please only purchase this book if you are okay with a third party recommendation on brands.

Vibrant Health Now! How to use essential oils, aromatherapy and natural health products to detox your body and reach optimal health

• The last section of the book includes dozens of amazing stories of people around the world who now have greater health because they made small changes in personal care products and began using essential oils.

Further, the book provides the reader with 4 additional links to downloadable booklets and user’s guides to expand your product and knowledge base. All of these are free when you get the book.

If you desire more energy and passion for life and would like to take a more natural approach to wellness, then Vibrant Health Now! is a book you will enjoy reading, and one you will use as a reference tool for years to come.

It is a perfect tool for anyone new to essential oils and natural health.

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