The Upstreet Box Set: 4 Ping Pong Paddles with 3 Star Ping Pong Balls for Table Tennis

Price: $39.99 - $24.99

Upstreet ping pong paddles strive for exceptional grades in the following table tennis criteria: speed, spin, and control.
Upstreet Ping Pong offers the best quality table tennis equipment, the best customer service, all at great prices. Not only does the Upstreet Ping Pong Box Set feature a sleek design, it uses advanced materials so you can bring your best weapon to the table.
The 3 star Upstreet Table Tennis Ball is nothing short of tournament standard. This 40mm table tennis ball provides the best in performance and control.
The Upstreet Ping Pong Box Set includes a 8-pack so you’re able to keep the fun rolling with each one you hit across the table. Ping pong paddles, in general, vary in quality. When relying strictly on retail images, it can be difficult to discern value. That’s why Upstreet has consciously decided to exclusively sell high-end smooth rubber surface paddles. That way, we eliminate any chance of a purchase mistake for our players/customers.
The Upstreet Table Tennis Set is an all inclusive signature series box set. As the leader in premium table tennis bats and ping pong balls, Upstreet continues to embrace a simple yet sleek design that doesn’t compromise material quality.Upstreet ping pong paddles are composed of 7 layers of light, bouncy wood and high quality rubber. Our mission is to offer high quality table tennis equipment at a reasonable price.
4 professional ping pong paddles: Power 7.8, Spin 7.6, Control 9.4. USPPA approved ping pong balls: 3 star-rating.
Blade Layers: The best ping pong paddles have at least five layers of materials in the blade segment of the paddle. Underneath the rubber on the blade is a layer of sponge. Ping pong paddles with a thicker layer of sponge can accommodate more speed. From the beginning, we knew this was a priority when designing the perfect ping pong paddle.
Rubber Textures: Pay attention to the texture and thickness of the rubber on the outside of the ping pong paddle. The Upstreet advantage is woven in the depth texture of rubber.
We at Upstreet stand by our definition of ‘quality’. We guarantee your table tennis set will arrive in the best condition and will remain defect free for at least 12 full months of play. We want you to set your expectations high. If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase – for any reason whatsoever — you may return your Table Tennis Set within 30 days for a full refund

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