Table Tennis Racket Shack Hand Grip All Around Easy To Start

Price: $20.00 - $13.99


Buy a pair of good rackets to play with your friends or family play happily and healthily 

It takes two to make a pair so you can gives full play with your friends and family

With a case, it is more durable and convenient to carry out, the wristbands can protect wrist and wipe sweat

Our rackets has been adjusted by experts its cost-effective and comprehensive weight center easy to start

Our table tennis racket uses durable material so last long, you can play with from young to old


Grip Type: shack hand grip 

Rubber: reverse rubber 

Blade: 7-ply yang wood 

Thickness: 0.5 In

Size: 5.9 In * 5.9 In

Single racket weight: 7.5 Ounces

Package: 2 paddles+2 wristbands +case 


The new paddles’both side ware posted with protective film to prevent dust and friction, please tear them off

After produced we seal the rackets quickly to ensure the quality the smell will dissipate after few days of ventilation

After using please use a dry towel to wipe the sweat and wipe the dirt on the rubber surface

Store it at a ventilated and dry place that is away from heat. Do not pile heavy objects on the racket

7 ply high density wood blade gives powerful stroke,speedy looping and better performance
2mm Highly resilient sponge so the beginner can catapult the ball with added spend
Stick durable reverse rubber comparable to ITTF rackets generates more spin easier to control
Sweat absorbing wooden handle polished surface no hurt to hand increases the friction
We offer 60 days warranty and service permanent,you can contact us through seller Email

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