Resistance Ankle Straps for Cable Machines and No Tie Shoe Laces Set – 2 Double D-Ring Straps for Kickbacks, Mountain Climbers, and Hip Abductions and Adductions

Price: $39.99 - $14.97

Don’t Settle For Old School. Do More!

Strength meets comfort in these weight lifting ankle straps with wide neoprene and adjustable Velcro system that withstands up to 220 pounds. Featuring two reinforced D-rings fashioned to avoid digging into your leg, Diagonal One Cable Ankle Cuffs ensure a uniform distribution of weight without rubbing or chaffing. Specially built for intense, calorie burning workouts, the weightlifting foot straps is the best exercise equipment for:

  • Losing weight and toning your body
  • Shaping your legs, booty and glutes
  • Improving your overall flexibility
  • Sculpting your hamstrings and quads
  • Reducing cellulites and getting smooth skin
  • Looking and feeling stronger and fitter

Versatility at Its Best

The ergonomic design of Diagonal Cable Machine Ankle Straps allow you to do any cable exercise in perfect comfort and style:

  • Cable lounges
  • Mountain climber exercises
  • Hip abductions
  • Cable kickbacks
  • Leg extensions
  • Hip adductions

Durable, reinforced D-rings allow you to attach the fitness ankle straps to almost any kind of cable machine, such as:

  • Fitness gym machines
  • Weight cable machines
  • Functional trainers
  • Leg machines
  • Resistance trainers

Designed by Professionals

Diagonal One Ankle Cuffs are designed by professional fitness trainers and thoroughly tested before being put on the market. A perfect blend of comfort and durability, the lifting foot straps feature:

  • Thick neoprene padding (6 mm)
  • Protective soft hem to extend their lifespan
  • Double crisscrossed nylon stitching
  • Wide neoprene (4″x10″) for stability
  • Universal size (fit ankles between 9 and 10″)

Buy Your Ankle Work Out Straps Now and Get Ready to Turn Heads!

BUILT FOR COMFORT – Designed for comfort and stability, Diagonal One Resistance Ankle Straps cause no discomfort or irritations. Featuring soft neoprene padding and wide straps (4″x10″), the ankle straps for cable machines ensure a uniform weight distribution and pressure.
2X EFFICIENCY – Switching your cable leg straps between ankles is not only distracting, it also reduces the lifespan of the cable weight ankle straps. We believe in efficiency, so we offer you a pair of weightlifting ankle straps so you can train harder, faster and smarter!

Resistance Ankle Straps for Cable Machines and No Tie Shoe Laces Set

EXTRA STRONG – If you’re looking for strong double D ring straps for cable weight machine, you’re in the right place! With reinforced D-rings, wider Velcro and crisscrossed stitching, Diagonal One Cable Leg Cuffs can withstand the toughest abuse (and lift up to 220 lbs.)
NO TIE SHOELACES – When you buy your ankle hooks today, you will also receive 16 no-tie shoe laces, enough for a pair of sneakers, trainers or athletic shoes. Together with your ankle belt, the tieless laces will make your training sessions more comfortable and efficient.
LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Diagonal One Attachments for Cable Machines are well constructed and durable. In the unlikely case the cable ankle straps are not right for you, just send them back for a full refund of the purchase price!

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