Professional 3D Pen for Printing and Modeling 3D Pen kit, 3D Art Pen, 3D Drawing Pen for Education, 3D Modeling, Art, for kids and artists (Yellow)

Price: $99.95 - $59.99

Last Word In Creative Expression!

Thrilled by high-tech options offering the chance for artistic 3D inspiration and taking DIY crafting and modeling to a new dimension?

Looking to develop art skills in your kids, offering them a smart tool to put their dreams in 3d for their school projects or to keep them creatively busy?

Say Hello To The New Generation Of 3D Doddler Pens For DIY Artistic Expression!

Enter the magic 3D world and make your own solid, personalized creations, expressing your creativity with unique colorful crafts, drawings and models!

Stop wasting money on expensive toys kids get bored within no time and cultivate your kids’ artistic talents and spatial skills with a premium 3d printing pen! Teach them the joy of DIY crafting and make them proud of 1000+1 colorful drawing or modeling creations made of solid 3D filament!

Your Travel Buddy!

Take your artistic expression on your holidays, weekend trips, camping or picnics with high-end MorphPen 3d stereoscopic printing pen!

LIGHTWEIGHT and EASY TO HOLD, with a PRECISION NOZZLE for maximum accuracy, all it takes to start is an AC/DC power socket and your imagination! Let the hot melt extrusion molding take the form of jewelry, toys or daily use objects, utensils or decorative items and make your guests’ heads turn at your talent!

Find In The Package:

• MorphPen 3D Printing Pen,
• Replacement Nozzle,
• Power Adapter With 55.5″ Cable,
• Mini Screwdriver,
• User’s Manual,
• Back Cover Removal Tool,
• 5 Color Abs Plastic Filament Samples

Get Your Own MorphPen 3d Printing Pen & Enter The Fascinating 3D World!

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YOUR MASTERPIECES IN 3D! Express your creativity making your own works of art projects and crafts, with MorphPen 3d printing pen! A premium professional drawing doodler pen that will make a precious expression tool in the hands of kids as well as pro artists and hobbyists, producing amazing modeling or drawing artwork in 3D!
MAKE YOUR PERSONALIZED OBJECTS: Creating your daily practical use objects, personalized and UNIQUE and saving money on expensive 3d printers! This stunning printer pen will save you the costly purchase of daily use items, helping you create WITH YOUR OWN HANDS fascinating colorful crafts, pots, cups and countless objects that will bear YOUR signature!
AN AMAZING EDUCATIONAL TOOL FOR KIDS: Offer your kids an innovative way to spend their free time constructively with a 3d drawing/doodling pen, keeping them away of endless video gaming! Keep them busy and productive with our 3d scribbler pen and let them be proud of their fascinating masterpieces decorating their room!
THE EASIEST TO USE: Lightweight, with an ADJUSTABLE FEEDING SPEED and a 55.5″ cable, this handy 3d scribbler pen makes the next generation doodler pen for TOP convenience! Connect the power adapter of your 3d plastic pen to a socket, draw your artwork with the 5 Color ABS plastic FILAMENT SAMPLES included to produce sturdy crafts you will be proud of for life!
THE BEST GIFTING IDEA FOR ADULTS & KIDS: A novelty in 3d art, MorphPen doodler pen makes a perfect gift to any creative DIYer, designer, hobbyist or artist. Offer it to an artistic friend, co-worker or to your kid on their birthdays, at Christmas or on any occasion to help them create colorful 3D artwork and show off your excellent taste!

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