Looein Low Temperature 3D Doodler Pen ,Safest 3D Printing Pen Support USB Power Using PCL Filament Best Gift for Kids&Adult

Price: $32.99

What do you want?

–Looein 3D printing pen ,which can be used to draw a 3D project to bring your design from paper to real life

— High quality rapid cooling unit, ensures no painful burns or scalds to skin.

–Super quiet motor and low temperature PCL provide an extra layer of protection to users

— Slim and lightweight design, the handy size fits even in childrens hands for convenience.

Safety and Warning Instruction:

1. This device is suitable for children over 5 years old and adult use; Children should use it under the tutelage of adult. 

2.Pay attention on the nozzle, do not touch it during working. 

3.Please put it in safe place,to prevent falling from high altitude or the children touch.

4.Don’t wash it.

5.Please unplug the power cable and unload filament after usage to avoid accident like thunder srike which can cause pen damgeLower Temperature Protection-Low Temperature 3D Printing Pen Designed with aviation ceramics nozzle, the average temperature is about 20℃ during use, completely safe for kids aged over 5. Pen nozzle and pen body can safely be touched with no burn risks. you can draw on your hands directly.
Slim And Light Weight- This 3D Printer Pen is only 2.04 OZ, it just look like a common painting pen, you feel comfortable and easy to hold the 3D printing pen.
Easy to operate-Fast booting in 30 seconds. Upload filament then start drawing. It’s very easy to use. You can choose the speed simply. The booting and unloading also easy. This pen can intelligence distinguihing the best melting point for the PCL filament,it’s no need adjust temperature
Great Present for Kids -3D Pen for Kids lifts their imagination off the page. It is good for improving children’s focus, reducing their playing time on watching tv, playing screen games. The 3D printing pen extrudes heated plastic which instantly hardens, allowing you create artworks from plan paper to 3D sculpture. You will feel a big surprise when your kids give a handmade 3D artwork present for you!
PCL Filament&USB Power- This contains the PCL filament only which means a lower melting point with no fumes or odors which reuslts in a safer environment, especially when used around children. The safe USB connector reduces the risk of electric shock.

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