Killerspin JET800 SPEED N1 Table Tennis Paddle – Ultimate Professional Ping Pong Paddle with Carbon Layers Pared with Specially Designed Memory Book

Price: $69.00 - Too low to display

NEW DESIGHN with a gift box! Our newest version of the all-time favorite JET800 table tennis paddle now comes in elegant, gift-worthy packaging to match the high class look of the paddle itself. The JET800 SPEED N1 is a great all around table tennis paddle that performs even better than it looks. The power it generates will definitely bring out the competitor in you. If you want to make an impression by dominating your opponent with some seriously powerful shots, then this is the paddle for you. Hold onto your dearest memories! Memory Book comes with a small marker to help you keep score, collect your opponents’ signatures or leave a personalized message. It works on the paddle, too. One of the features that made this table tennis paddle so loved, is definitely the Nitrx 4z rubber. The tackiness of the Nitrx 4z, combined with a powerful blade, has proven to be a trophy-making combination time and again. The JET800Õs blade is comprised of two layers of carbon fiber sandwiched around five plys of premium wood. These seven layers make an ideal combination for offensive ping pong players that like to win. Completed with a burnt wood handle and wooden side tape, JET800 is not just about looks, all the features have a purpose. The wooden side tape serves to protect your paddle from damage and also preserves the energy you generate to produce more powerful shots.7-ply wood blade + 2 carbon layers for increased power and competition-level performance
Memory Book makes your ping pong experience more memorable. It allows for collecting scores, signatures, personalized messages as well as protecting your paddle.
ITTF approved Nitrx 2.0 mm rubbers (red/ black), which in combination with this blade generate great power
Wooden side tape, which absorbs the energy and allows for a catapult effect
Blade with flared handle rating out of 10: control 8; spin 9; speed 9.5
Comes with a 30-day warranty

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