GOWE High Precision Aurora Desktop 3D Printer Machine Metal Frame with LED Screen Support PLA SD Printing , Easy to Operate

Price: $2,454.00

GOWE High Precision Aurora Desktop 3D Printer Machine Metal Frame with LED Screen Support PLA SD Printing , Easy to Operate220V 48W UV Lamp Curing Light with Handle, LOCA UV Glue Dryer for Refurbish LCD; 1. Best Quality; 2. Good Packing & Fast Shipping ; Introduction : This Desktop 3D Printer is based on the open-source technology, and we have made several important improvements on circuit board, the exclusively designed heating platform and other details to make the machine the best Desktop 3D Printer. It is high-precision, high efficiency,
and with stable quality. The Desktop 3D Printer is the best choice for small and medium enterprises, or individuals to make professional quality models. The 3D Printer applied to education, health care, industrial, art, design, construction, personal preferences and other industries. This Desktop 3D Printer is simple, easy to operate. You can follow our user manual to DIY. We are professional supplier, and professional Technical Support is also supplied.
NOTE : 1.The machine is used in industries, not toys, should be far away from children. 2.The nozzle of the machine is hot, please do not touch, so as not to burn. 3. The machine can not be used in your countries and regions. It is prohibited to produce object against the law of your countries and regions. Or all at your own risk.
4. The machine may produce peculiar smell when printing, Keep the air flowing. Please go to hospital in time, if you feel unwell. 5. The machine is open source design, modeling and printing tool could be found in internet. 6.The machine has been tested, suitable for PLA and ABS material, It is prohibited to use other materials. We shall not be liable for any loss causing by using other material
7.Instructions and warnings as will update as required at any time content , we have no obligation to inform , please contact us for the latest instructions and warnings. We reserve the right of final interpretation .

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