GlowCity Light Up LED Skeleton Hand Gloves

Price: $13.95

These LED Skeleton Gloves are so much fun & look incredible in the dark! You would believe the glowing illussion that these gloves create and will be sure to impress your friends and family. These make epic Halloween Costume Accessories, and the coolest skeleton costume ever! The Lights on the wrist project light the a clear, reflective material and really looks like bones, knuckles and all. The gloves are well made, and currently one size fits most. You can control the light up gloves by a button on the wrist. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.BRIGHT Makes your hands look like a glowing skeleton. Amazing to see in person these gloves create the illusion that your hand bones are glowing right through your gloves.
DURABLE One Size Fits All not meant for larger than normal hands.
FEATURES feel free to go from a steady on mode that will keep the lighting turned on or choose the blink feature that offers a scary blinking effect.
VARIATIONS choose the best color that will go with your outfit or costume each color has its own perks by the way it looks. If you plan on going to be a dark evil villain, go with the red color. Or if your going to be some sort of alien go with the green color.
BATTERY POWERED each pair of gloves comes with pre-installed batteries which are replaceable. Batteries should last several hours before needing to be replaced.

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