Garden of Health Products Kosher Birch Xylitol (Not from Corn), 5 lb

Price: $29.76

Health garden xylitol is a gluten-free sugar substitute that pours , bakes and tastes exactly like sugar- but with 50% fewer calories. It’s the perfect alternative for those who suffer from diabetes, wheat allergies or ADD/ADHD or cavities. Unlike other artificial sweeteners, xylitol is pure and has no chemical aftertaste. It’s not made from corn in china, but from birch trees right here in the USA, where it is approved by strict FDA standards.All natural sweetener – real birch xylitol
Looks and tastes like sugar with no aftertaste
Safe for diabetics/low glycemic index
40% fewer calories than sugar
Xylitol fights plaque by neutralizing plaque acids, unlike sugar

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