AK79 Superb God Of Fire Logo Drawstring Backpack White


This Is A Perfect Bag For Snacks, Toys, And Travel – From The Park To The Plane. This Bright Drawstring Bag Is An Ideal Size For Transporting Her/his Swim Gear Or PE Kit. Essentials For The Gym And Short Trips. This Simple And Stylish Little Specimen Is Ideally Suited To Easily Store Away The Essentials.

AK79 Superb God Of Fire Logo Drawstring Backpack White

From The Park To The Gym, This Grab-and-go Drawstring Bag Is Made To Be Stuffed On The Run Without Slowing You Down.Material: 100% Polyester, Fabric Texture
Drawstring Backpack,Travel Bag.
Height:43cm Width:36cm
High Intensity And Durable.
Delivery Time:7-14 Business Days.

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