3D Printing Pen & 3D Doodler Professional Printing 3D Pen, Charger and Filaments

Price: $100.00

With this amazing pen you will really be able to take your daily doodling to a new level.

Do them in 3D, in the air just before your eyes. And if you are a bit more advanced and have higher ambitions than just doodling, this pen is an incredible design device that you can use to really blow your friends and family away.

3D Printing Pen & 3D Doodler Professional Printing 3D Pen, Charger, and Filaments

It is like drawing, but in the air. This high class 3D-pen also boasts different speed levels, so you can regulate the speed at which the heated plastic wire comes out of the pen’s nozzle. And if you leave it for a phone call or something and forget about it, don’t worry – it also features an auto-sleep function so it’ll turn off itself automatically and never cause you or someone else harm.Turns off automatically if forgotten
Draw your designs in 3D in the air
Takes your doodling to a new level
Impress your friends and family
ABS plastic

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