3D Pen Kids Drawing Doodling 3D Printing Pen Pencil Printer Intelligent PCL PLA Filament Refills Best Gift for Teens and Childs,Black Color

Price: $49.99 - $29.99

SUNLU M1 3D Doodler Pen is designed to make your drawing easier. It is reliable and solid built, and it is the most affordable model among all SUNLU 3D Pens.

Power input: 100-240v 2A
Power output: DC 5V/2A 10W
Compatible filaments: 1.75mm PLA/PCL

Package includes:
1*3D Pen
1*USB Cable
1*User Manual
2*1.75mm PCL Filament(random colors)

What You Can Do with SUNLU 3D Pen?

Tactile Learning: Kids who have trouble grasping abstract concepts can touch and feel the results of a quick three-dimensional build to get a feel of an object in real space.
Create visual aids or add a new dimension to existing objects.
Arts & Design: You can create or build something that beyond the reality by using this 3D doddler pen, create something unique just like your own handwriting.
Education Tool: SUNLU 3D drawing pen is a great tool for teaching and learning.

Safety and Warning:
1. Children should use it with adult supervision.
2. The 3D pen nozzle is hot while working. NO TOUCH TO AVOID BURNING.
7 years old and above kids and adults. Children use SUNLU 3D pen should be under adults supervision.♥ EASY CONTROL OF ONE BUTTON OPERTAIN: One button operating is the latest features of SUNLU 3D printing pens, this innovative design will bring you a simple and sensitive printing experiments. One button operation means that you just press a button to control the feeding and retreat of the PLA,PCL filaments, easily operating your 3D pen and quickly to get your creative imaginations
♥ PORTABLE POWER BANK SUPPLY AVAILIABLE: The innovative technology of power bank supply for 3D printing pen is the first time to show on Amazon. This 3D pen allows you to printing anywhere with external power bank, 5V/2A input, and inside smart heating system. Portable printing experiences won’t let you down
♥ HEAT PROTECTION & ANTI-SCALDING: Inside intelligent temperature sensing technology, the heat device will be cooling down automatically when you stop the printing after half minute, safety temperature and anti- scalding. This 3D pen comes with ceramic nozzle which is much safer than compare to copper nozzle
♥ PERFECT FOR KIDS & ADULTS: SUNLU 3D Printing Pen has been brilliantly and simple designed for the artist, kids and adults. To creating 3D models, doodling or drawing interesting craft things. You can draw a line from your table straight into the air! But it’s more than just drawing. it’s like magic and create for your imagination Since SAFETY is a key point of the SUNLU starter kit, your 3D drawing pen makes a great tool for children as well. It is a great gift for any occasion
♥ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: 2-Year Warranty and 24*7 customer support with technical advice

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